• Grand Sheik–Phil Steinberg
  • Keeper of the Celluloid–Bill Furman (deceased)
  • Projectionist–Derk¬† Klaesener
  • Webmaster/Correspondent–Savannah Furman
  • Founder–Larry Fitter (deceased)


Past Activities:

  • Pie fight in front of the Tivoli Theater
  • Showing Laurel and Hardy movies for hospitals, nursing homes, and churches
  • “Another Fine Mess” awards
  • Silly String fight (banquet)
  • Serving salads undressed (banquet)
  • Eating one’s hat (banquet)
  • Pie in the face (banquet)
  • New officers installed
  • Receiving the Founder’s Award at Nashville ’02 convention


A Toast to the Boys

sung to the tune of “Puttin on the Ritz” written by Suzzette Sutton

Have you heard the jolly news,
From Harlem to Park Avenue
‘Bout that very funny pair,
Spreading laughter through the air.

Bowler hats and frantic paces
Happy crowds with smiling faces
Spending every dime–
For a wonderful time!

If you’re blue and you don’t know
Where to go to, why don’t you
Where the laughs are grand
Come see Ollie and Stan!

One is thin as a rail; the other plump
As a whale–
Come as fast as you can
Come see Ollie and Stan!

With James Finlayson and Charlie Hall
And Mae Busch who’s always
The belle of the ball!
You’ll be enthralled!

So, come with me and you will see
How full of glee your life can be
Glasses high as you can
to Ollie and Stan!

The Boys Who Make Us Laugh
Sung to the tune of “Strangers in the Night”

Stan and Ollie dance

And we applaud them

Laughing at the chance

To see such mayhem

Ollie looks askance

But Stan just grins and bows.

They can make us smile

With just a gesture

Never mind the pile,

The mess they’ve left us

Hoping all the while

No one will know the cause.

Gentle souls adrift

In ills they couldn’t plan for

Wondering what on earth

Could crash them to such land fall

Never saw their plight

Always found delight

Through the chaos that they left

They never found themselves bereft


Since they are on film

We watch them always

Fat or very slim

Sharp or in a deep haze

They recharge our whim

The Boys, who make us laugh