Babes in Toyland Toasts

At every meeting we drink a toast to:

Stan Laurel

The creative genius of The Boys,
whose loose-limbed grace provides
many film highlights.
Oliver Hardy

Rotund Ollie sings with sweetness and delights
us all with his pompousness, especially as it
always is punctured.

Mae Busch

Mae is a great supporting actress, often a
wife, more often their foil.  She brings a
brashness to the screen that is memorable.
James Finlayson (Fin)

A supporting actor with great body language and
facial gymnastics, his squint and, "Doh!" make
him cherished by the Sons.

Charlie Hall

Charlie supports the Boys in varied roles,
most often calling for a smallish, put-upon,
but feisty character.
Al Kilgore

Al Kilgore is the creator of the offical Sons of the
Desert logo, and is fondly remembered.  The motto
means, "Two minds without a single thought."


O--Even though he was obese, Oliver was not an oaf.  He could really dance very well.
L--Ollie's films were lighthearted and would leave you laughing until late at night!
I--Everyone was and still is impressed with his talent.  Kind of an impish fellow who left a wonderful imprint for us to enjoy.
V--A vibrant personality who wouldn't allow anyone to make him a victim. he was also a vital part of the Hal Roach studios.
E--Onscreen he was always eager to make money.  Ollie would always elect himself the one in charge and make Stan execute his extemporaneous plans.
R--Ollie was indeed a rascal who remarkably could help Stan wreck a room.  Hers's to a resplendent star of the comedic silver screen,
Oliver Norvil Hardy!